About Us

About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Women's Foundation of Oregon's vision is an Oregon where every woman and girl can thrive. Our mission is to focus the power of women’s collective resources to improve the lives of women and girls throughout Oregon.




Our Values:


We are courageous grantmakers. 

We are willing to tackle challenges to which there is no easy solution. We break new ground at the leading edge of philanthropy. We’re willing to take risks, because we know that no version of the status quo will give Oregon women the opportunities they deserve. 


We focus on the humanity behind the statistics— the women behind the numbers.

Without exception, our board, staff, members, and partners, put people first. Empathy is a daily practice. Warmth and connection go hand in hand with data, investments, and impact.


We are an actively welcoming organization.

We craft opportunities for everyone who cares about Oregon women to participate, contribute, and connect. We make decisions that foster accessibility and pluralism. We believe that genuine diversity will lead to lasting equity.


We are relentless in our pursuit of a better Oregon for women, their families, and their communities.

We won’t be deterred by challenges, set backs, or missteps. We’re willing to stick it out with our partners, members, and grantees, in the pursuit of deeper understanding, real solutions, and lasting change. We’re here for the long haul.


We make decisions based on the belief that tomorrow can be better than today.

Though we’re under no illusions about the challenges facing the women of Oregon, we attack these obstacles with purpose, hope, and good-humor.


We are results-driven.

Our currency is impact. We hold ourselves and our grantees to the highest possible standards. We believe that our return on investment is exceptional, and that through us, our members and donors are maximizing their philanthropic potential.

Our History

Portland Women’s Foundation
Women's Foundation of Oregon
Women's Foundation of Oregon
Women’s Care Foundation

A Legacy of Women Helping Women

Women’s Foundation of Oregon has its roots in two private foundations led by women committed to using their resources to address challenges faced by other women. Founded by Portland women in 1887 and in 1924 to provide services to other women, the two foundations donated well over $4 million to agencies in the area and helped change countless women’s lives.


Inspired by the Past, Building the Future


We recognize membership in the originating foundations through our Legacy Circle. Women’s Foundation of Oregon welcomes your support as we build the future to secure opportunities and achievement for women throughout Oregon!

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