#CountMeIn Call to Action Week 1: Focus on gender inclusivity in 2019.

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Happy New Year!

We are so excited for you to join us in our second year of weekly #CountMeIn Calls to Action! And as we continue to strive for equity in our practice, we invite feedback and thoughts that will support our journey of dismantling oppression in all its forms.


We recognize our publications to-date have used the limiting term of “women and girls” to refer to people who experience gender oppression. This choice has excluded the experiences of trans and gender nonbinary individuals. Additionally, we recognize the patriarchy hurts all of us, across and beyond the gender binary. With that in mind, we have chosen to use the term “womxn” in this year’s calendar. The x in womxn is a signifier of gender fluidity and expansiveness. Though it’s an imperfect term, we feel it best reflects a cultural and political shift toward inclusivity. We invite further dialogue with us around how best to communicate our ongoing journey to understand and sufficiently recognize the fluidity of gender and the many oppressions related to it.


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