#CountMeIn Call to Action - Week 15: Voices of Color in the Workplace

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This week's call to action and accompanying resources give us food for thought as we aim to center voices of color in the workplace. There are important underlying questions that first must be asked: Why is centering voices of color important to my company? What barriers currently exist in practice to necessitate a need for this action? How must people of color behave in order to be heard, and what is the cost to them? Whose voice is still missing? Take time to consider what your authentic responses reveal.

Center voices of color in the workplace.

Amplify the voices of people of color in meetings. Advocate for anti-racism efforts at the organizational level. Don’t host or participate in all-white panels or gatherings. Ensure folks of color are at the decision- making table, are truly listened to, and are in positions of power.


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