#CountMeIn Call to Action - Week 17: Offer Child Care at Every Event

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Creating welcoming, family-friendly spaces by providing free child care is a simple, but important way to host more equitable events. When planning an event or meeting, consider how logistics like transportation, child care, timing, and language can help or hinder participation from folks who are routinely left out of the conversation, particularly single mothers. This week, we invite you to bring these considerations to every event or meeting you plan. Join us in choosing to remove these all-to-common barriers to participation for women and girls whose leadership and engagement are vital.

Offer child care at every event.

A lack of safe and affordable child care is a major barrier to participation for many primary caregivers. If you are hosting an event, or asking others to join you at one, help to provide and/or organize child care. This is especially important for non-school times, such as evening meetings or weekend conferences.


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