#CountMeIn Call to Action - Week 22: Ask about School Curriculum

week 22 2018 share graphic

This week's call to action asks us to help address Oregon's racist and exclusionary history by ​asking the schools in your community about their ​curricula. In recent years, the steadfast efforts of communities of color, tribal leaders, students, parents, community based organizations, educational leaders, and legislators, have led to important shifts ​in Oregon's educational landscape. These major policy wins -- the passage of a statewide Ethnic Studies bill, in addition to SB 13's Tribal History/Shared History -- require ​that schools ​adopt and implement curriculum recognizing the contributions and history of all Oregonians.

Ask your alma mater and/or kids’ school about their curriculum.

Hold Oregon schools accountable for including the histories of people of color and, in particular, women of color. If students learn only white histories or white narratives of subjects like the Oregon Trail, frontier spirit, and manifest destiny, advocate for major changes in the curriculum.

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