#CountMeIn Call to Action - Week 27: Treat Women and Girls as Experts in their Own Lives

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Our call to action this week recognizes the patriarchal norms that underpin our society and uphold a system in which women, girls, non-binary folks, and femmes have less social power than men. Strict, antiquated gender roles perpetuate a dominant culture that presumes a moral authority over women -- one that dismisses their lived experiences, undermines their credibility, and disregards their contributions. By respecting and honoring women and girls for the knowledge they bring, we begin to dismantle the inherent sexism embedded in all of our institutions.

Treat women and girls as experts in their own lives.

One of the most enduring and damaging expressions of sexism is the routine doubt and minimization of the lived experience of women and girls. Trust that women and girls are speaking the truth about their experiences and that they know best what services and resources will be most effective for them.


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