#CountMeIn Call to Action Week 4: Work to eliminate defensive responses.

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In Week 4, we invite you to examine where your privilege shows up and how you choose to respond to it. We encourage responses that are open, constructive, and that recognize areas for personal growth. Please read, reflect, and share these resources widely!
Work to eliminate defensive responses.

We’re all on our own learning journeys when it comes to sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression, particularly those of us with privilege. Defensiveness holds us back on our journey. Embrace being confronted with your hurtful or damaging behavior as an important opportunity for growth.


Ijeoma Oluo: "How to Be Wrong"

MTV Decoded: "Why Does Privilege Make People So Angry?" 

Maisha Z. Johnson: "10 Defensive Reactions to White Privilege that Make no Damn Sense - But are Super Common" 

Lee Mun Wah: "The Art of Mindful Inquiry" and "9 Healthy Ways To Communicate"

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