#CountMeIn Call to Action Week 7: Dismantle stigma about sex.

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It's Week 7...let's talk about sex! How might our communities normalize conversations about sex, abortion, contraception and reproductive health? In what ways are these conversations leading to shame, sexism and rape culture, rather than reducing stigma around these topics? Please read, reflect, and share these resources widely!

Dismantle stigma about sex.

Shame about sex, sexuality, abortion, contraception, etc. interferes with sexual and reproductive health for women of all ages. Stigmatization also contributes to rape culture and sexism. Refuse to perpetuate stigma by speaking about these topics in a non-judgmental, matter-of-fact, and/or positive way.


1 in 3 Campaign

Bianca Laureano: "Why We Need More Non-White Sex Ed Teachers"

Colorado Public Health's Beforeplay.org

Maria Del Russo: "Let's Talk About Enthusiastic Consent"

The Genderbread Person

WFO Tweets

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