#CountMeIn Call to Action Week 8: Reduce stigma about mental health.

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It's Week 8... and we've got some work to do to reduce the stigma around mental health, especially here in our state. According to Mental Health America, Oregon is ranked worst in the nation for its mental health. However OHSU's Avel Gordly Center for Healing, Central City Concern's Imani Center, Native American Rehabilitation Association's Totem Lodge, Trauma Informed Oregon and Greater Oregon Behavioral Health's Mental Health First Aid training are just a few resources in our state offering culturally responsive supports and services aimed at addressing specific communities' needs.

Reduce stigma about mental health.

Embrace mental health as an integrated and important aspect of overall health. If you feel comfortable, share your own mental health journey with others. Don't use language that mocks or belittles mental health, like calling something "mental" or "crazy." Instead, use words like "wild" or "unbelievable."


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