We're Hiring a New Executive Director

Position Title: Executive Director
Location: Portland, Oregon
Key Relationships: Reports to WFO’s Board Chair (on behalf of the board); supervises small staff/contractor team
Classification: Exempt; Full Time / 35 hours per week, occasional evenings and weekends as needed
Compensation: $100,000-$120,000, depending on qualifications/experience; premium health plan with individual and family coverage options, generous PTO, transit and/or parking pass, professional development stipend, robust retirement plan, remote work options, relocation assistance
Deadline: Open until filled.


The Women’s Foundation of Oregon (WFO) was founded in 2014 on the idea that everyone regardless of their gender identity should be able to thrive. Our statewide focus on transformative redistribution of wealth is driven by our core belief that individuals and communities are entitled to self-determination. We create change through our three areas of focus: grantmaking, convening community/organizations, and research. 

WFO’s mission is to dismantle sexism, racism, and structural oppression through the movement of resources and ideas in our region. We work alongside open-hearted leaders and communities toward real and lasting gender justice. 

We center all our work on our seven core values:

Liberation. We are committed to the full transformation to an equitable world where each of us is thriving and free from systemic oppression.

Justice. We believe that sovereignty and self-determination are the birthright of every person and each community. We believe in community-informed systems for healing and transformation that honor individual and collective dignity.

Collectivity. We honor multiple ways of knowing and being, and we celebrate our interdependence. 

Courage. We believe that courage, rooted in bravery of the heart, is vital to dismantling and transforming systems of oppression.

Joy. We believe joy and whole-hearted living are core to building just and thriving communities. 

Integrity. We are committed to showing up as our full, authentic selves and to ensuring that our words and actions are in alignment with our values and purpose.

Growth. We recognize the inherent value of curiosity and innovation, and are committed to a stance of learning and flexibility in all aspects of our work.


You exemplify the mission, vision, and values of WFO through your professional and lived experience and:

  • bring a strong equity analysis to organizational development, program development, and partnerships with a deep understanding of the intersections between racial justice and gender justice within Oregon’s context;
  • have experience building and sustaining inclusive work environments that embrace authenticity and diversity, that value the wisdom of lived experience, and that reflect the communities served; 
  • understand infrastructure and support systems needed for staff to thrive in service of WFO’s mission;
  • are accountable to the board, staff, contractors, and community partners and appreciate the privilege and responsibility of redistribution and reinvestment of wealth back into communities from whom it was extracted;
  • bring an equitable, collaborative, and thoughtful approach to conflict, problem-solving, and decision-making;
  • are a visionary and pragmatic leader with courage to adapt and innovate while remaining grounded in the foundation’s mission and vision, modeling our values, and working alongside staff to achieve our goals; and
  • serve as ambassador for WFO, leveraging excellent communication and interpersonal skills to build and maintain key relationships, identify opportunities to maximize community impact, and celebrate successes.


The ED oversees all operational and administrative functions and collaborates with the board and staff to develop strategies for implementing the organization’s mission and vision through values-aligned partnerships and projects, and through building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. The ED role will evolve as WFO continues to grow and respond to community and stakeholder needs. 

Strategic Leadership & Organizational Management. The ED recognizes that the strength of the team reflects the strength of the organization. Accordingly, the ED engages the board, board committees, and staff in financial planning and oversight, strategic planning, and goal setting. The ED is responsible for organizational structure and staffing, including supervising a small team, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and fostering a collegial, inclusive, and family-friendly work environment that encourages creativity and productivity and ensures staff feel respected, valued, and successful. The ED communicates expectations clearly and offers guidance, support, and feedback as needed. The ED honors staff wisdom, engaging staff as thought partners and empowering them to confidently fulfill their roles and responsibilities. 

Resource Advancement. The ED utilizes an equity and social justice lens in fundraising and partnership development to identify and cultivate relationships with individual, foundation, and corporate major donors, key leaders, strategic government contacts, and community partners. The ED promotes a culture of fundraising and organizational growth by leveraging existing relationships into fundraising opportunities and program partnerships, and by encouraging staff and board to do the same. 

Community Impact. The ED is responsible for WFO’s overall impact in the community and for influencing positive outcomes through practices that embody respect, trust, leadership, and integrity. This includes cultivating and sustaining relationships with communities most impacted by gender and racial oppression, centering and elevating the voices of those most impacted, and ensuring the foundation is informed, engaged, and responsive to community issues and needs. The ED collaborates with the board, board committees, staff, and community representatives in business, government, grassroots, advocacy, and other non-profits to craft engagement and fundraising strategies that maximize WFO’s positive impact in the community. 


Mission-Focused. Catalyzes others’ commitment to the mission and to create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities. This drives performance and professional motivations. 

Values-Driven. Dedication to the foundation’s values and ability to operationalize the values and to decolonize funding practice and redistribute unjustly hoarded resources. Fosters relationships and builds knowledge to complete programmatic work with insight and integrity, rooted in racial and gender equity, and social justice. 

Culturally Responsive Supervision and Management. Proven track record of recognizing and addressing bias and deep understanding of oppression including but not limited to racism, anti-Blackness, sexism, LGBTQ oppression, ageism, and ableism including a strong understanding of disability justice and access awareness.

Partnership-Oriented. Understands that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal. Understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement. 

Visionary. Confronts the complex realities of the environment and simultaneously maintains faith in a different and better future, providing purpose, direction, and motivation. 

Team-Builder. Ensures that the right people are in the right roles at the right times; fosters commitment, trust, and collaboration across diverse staff, board, leaders and stakeholders. 

Adaptable & Responsive. Understands and navigates the dynamics of state, local, regional, and national environments working on an agenda rooted in the community’s own perception of its needs and aspirations. Demonstrates genuine curiosity and a desire to explore new ideas and innovative approaches characterized by adaptive reasoning and problem-solving practices.


  • 5 years’ leadership experience; strategic leadership of organizations of comparable size and mission preferred
  • Experience working in and across multiple sectors (nonprofit, philanthropy, public, corporate, etc.) and interacting with diverse groups, community leaders, and boards
  • Knowledge of systemic and institutional oppression including poverty, incarceration, gender violence, racial inequity, and other issues affecting communities of color and other vulnerable populations 
  • Experience operationalizing racial justice and gender justice in philanthropy, program and/or policy work
  • Knowledge of key institutions, agencies, resources, programs, and social services across the state
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills including the ability to establish authentic and effective relationships with key stakeholders and to communicate effectively including public speaking, negotiations, presentations, and preparing quality written materials
  • Experience applying, developing, and managing government grants and funding
  • Experience and/or willingness to exploring creative, anti-racist, equity-focused solutions to generate revenue, promote financial sustainability, and maximize community impact
  • Ability to establish Oregon residency; ability to travel to attend key organizational and community events
  • Ability to submit to background check including verification of employment history, professional references, and criminal history. Individualized assessments consider the nature of a person’s conviction history, length of time passed since the offense, and the nature of the job.


Interested candidates should submit their cover letter, resume, and any inquiries to our executive search team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Women’s Foundation of Oregon is an equal opportunity employer. We value and support diversity and inclusion to create a culture of dignity and respect.

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