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The Women’s Foundation of Oregon has prioritized our Immediate Impact Fund to address both crisis response for the COVID-19 pandemic and/or the Wildfires and to support system change efforts that look toward our collective rebuilding and recovery. Click here to be directed to our Immediate Impact Fund Page

Our grantmaking model is rooted in relationships and begins with intentional outreach to those organizations and groups with a focus on gender-based services uplifting women, girls, and their families and communities, including trans* and non-binary / gender non-conforming communities, as well as those working on issues of gender oppression.

See below for information about the extraordinary services providers we have supported in the past. 

Past Annual Grantees

>> 2018 Grantees

2018 -

Red Lodge Transition Services - Statewide

Red Lodge Transition Services is a Native American led organization that provides culturally focused programs for women releasing from jail, prison or treatment.

$37,500 - May 2018

Support for costs to house Native American women released from prison, jail or treatment programs, including housing, utilities, food, and household goods. Support for a Transition Center Coordinator position.

Mano a Mano - Salem

Mano a Mano helps strengthen ALL families, in particular those who are low income, Latino, or immigrant to become self-sufficient and active contributors to the well-being of their community.

$27,500 - May 2018

Capacity support to address the urgent need for a dedicated community organizer to develop grassroots-led systems and cultural change efforts in the area.

Momentum Alliance - Portland

Momentum Alliance is a youth-led nonprofit whose mission is to inspire youth to realize their power individually and collectively and to mentor social justice leaders. Our goal is to create a regional network of young social justice leaders who will diversify decision making in the public, private, and nonprofit sector.

$22,500 - May 2018

Support for the Reproductive Justice Youth Advocates program.

Rural Organizing Project - Statewide

Rural Organizing Project strengthens the skills, resources and vision of rural leadership working for a just and inclusive democracy in rural and small town Oregon.

$17,500 - May 2018

Support for leadership development work with women in rural Oregon.

Past Immediate Impact Fund Grantees

Fall 2019

The SAFE Project - Coos County - $5,000

Replace the heating pump in emergency shelter to be able to continue providing shelter to survivors and their children who are fleeing from violence and abuse in their community. 

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