About Us

Our Values and Our Mission

We dismantle sexism, racism, and structural oppression through the movement of resources and ideas in our region. We work side-by-side with open-hearted leaders and communities toward real and lasting gender justice.

Our Values


We are committed to the full transformation to an equitable world where each of us is thriving and free from systemic oppression.


We believe that courage, rooted in bravery of the heart, is vital to dismantling and transforming systems of oppression.


We believe joy and whole-hearted living are core to building just and thriving communities.


We recognize the inherent value of curiosity and innovation and are committed to a stance of learning and flexibility in all aspects of our work.


We believe that sovereignty and self-determination are the birthright of every person and each community. We believe in community-led systems for healing and transformation that honor individual and collective dignity.


We honor multiple ways of knowing and being, and we celebrate our interdependence.


We are committed to showing up as our full, authentic selves and to ensuring that our words and actions are in alignment with our values and purpose.

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