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This past May, our members voted to award our first grants -- $25,000 each to Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. and Innovative Changes. Earlier this month, we caught up with Terri Wiley, at Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. and Nancy Yuill, at Innovative Changes to hear about the impact of those grants six-months later.

Here’s what they had to say:

“The Legacy Award from the Women’s Foundation of Oregon has been tremendously helpful, both internally and externally. We have been able to hire a dynamic African-American woman of color, who also is a graduate of our program, to help with our outreach efforts in reaching communities of color and rural communities to inform them of trades careers options.

Internally, we are so grateful to have dedicated funds to enable our database to be a more effective tool for the organization. Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. gives our heartfelt thanks to the staff, board, and especially all the voting members of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon, for their investment and belief in our work to help change the lives of women and girls in Oregon. Thank you!”

--Terri Wiley, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.

The grant from the Women's Foundation of Oregon has already helped us with both expansion and leverage. It enabled us to immediately start building women-friendly training modules that help women prepare to be financially resilient in retirement.

Additionally, the announcement of the support from the Women's Foundation of Oregon attracted the attention of other funders who had never heard of us before. To date, this has resulted in an unexpected grant of $4,800 that will go towards more women-focused programming. Thank you again!

--Nancy Yuill, Innovative Changes

Both Terri and Nancy are also both members of the Foundation. We appreciate their support as much as they appreciate ours!

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