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Name: Erin Janssens

Age: 51

Occupation: Fire Chief, Portland Fire & Rescue

Member of the Women's Foundation since: April 2014

What’s your favorite spot in Oregon?

Sherrard Point, Larch Mt.

What quality do you most admire in others?

Humility, graciousness, selfless service.

Which talent would you most like to have?

Does time travel count? Play an instrument or oil paint… well.

What was your first volunteer experience?

Working as a volunteer firefighter with Boring Fire District in 1984.

What’s the best place to eat in our great state?

Lincoln restaurant in North Portland.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

The opportunity and honor to serve others during their time of need and the ability to make a positive difference.

Which woman (living or dead) do you most admire?

Both my grandmother and my mom.

What’s your most treasured possession?

Things my mom made for me.

What is your personal motto?

Be kind, work hard, stay humble, smile often, keep honest, stay loyal, travel when possible, never stop learning.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Sharing good conversation and dinner with dear friends.

Why are you a member of the Women’s Foundation?

I’m a member of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon because we share the same vision:

Our state, our nation, the world, should be one where every woman is valued, respected as an equal, and safe. It should be one where every girl is no longer limited by others expectations, but instead imagines her potential freely, and can fulfill her greatest dreams.

One’s actions, interests, dress, career choice, or role in the family shouldn’t be directed, or confined by gender. Whether the dream is to be Governor, President, a teacher, tradesperson or firefighter… the Women’s Foundation of Oregon helps fund organizations that help women and girls to fulfill their potential.

The Foundation has an eye on the landscape of our state. They are figuring out what roadblocks we face so that things like being a woman fire chief are a norm and not a novelty. Thank you for working to make a difference.

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