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As we close out 2018, we’re excited to announce two big shifts to make Foundation membership even more open and accessible. These changes have been brewing for a while and we’re delighted to finally share them with you!
SHIFT #1 - For the past four years, only folks who identify as women have been able to join as members. Now, membership is open to folks of all gender identities.

SHIFT #2 - Our membership contribution is now 100% self-determined. Anyone can join as a member, regardless of their ability to pay a set amount. Members are invited to make the suggested donation of $240/year, or a gift of any amount that is meaningful to them.

In short, membership is no longer based on gender identity or donation amount. If you share our values and believe in our work, we want you to be a member of the Foundation.

Since our inception, we’ve called our supporters “members” rather than “donors” to indicate our commitment to a relationship beyond a financial contribution. To us, membership means a sense of belonging, opportunities for growth and meaningful dialogue, and community-driven investment based on shared values  values like racial, economic, and gender justice.

Over the past year, we realized that in order to move closer to that vision, we need to be engaged in breaking down barriers to membership and participation, not creating or reinforcing them. Ensuring that folks of any income and folks of all genders can be members felt like a good place to start.

As a publicly-supported, membership-based Foundation, the generosity of our members is what sustains our work. We are steeped in gratitude for all that our members make possible, and we are delighted to welcome both new and returning members to our collective work in 2019.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to make Oregon a better place for women, girls, and femmes.

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