Exciting Updates for 2019

                                   Invest in Women.  Invest in Oregon.  Invest in Change.

You know as well as we do, it’s been a damn hard year.

Right here in Oregon, we saw attacks on reproductive healthcare, federally orchestrated family separation, a stagnant wage gap, and the aftermath of a traumatic supreme court nomination hearing.

We also saw extraordinary — and often successful — efforts to fight the sexism, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression that threaten the well- being of women, girls, and femmes, both locally and nationally.

In the wake of the past year, we can’t possibly predict all that the patriarchy will throw at us in 2019, but we do know this: Now is not the time for timid action, half-measures, or business as usual. 

So, in the coming year, you can count on us to do even more of the critical work that we’ve always done: supporting our members as forces for gender equity; investing in organizations serving women and girls; and providing leadership on gender equity in Oregon.

But more importantly, we will be doing this work in bolder, braver, and more equitable ways. Because it isn’t enough for us to simply do good work, we must do that work in ways that are truly reflective of our commitment to disrupting oppression and pursuing justice. 

We know how much our members care about gender equity in Oregon. Their generosity has been key to our success. Right now, women, girls, and femmes in our state face some of the biggest threats to their well-being in decades. We need our members to stand with us again in 2019.

Your support drives gender equity in Oregon forward. We’re so deeply grateful to have you with us.

Onward Together,

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